logoNAACI-picNAACI is currently directed by Wendy C. Turgeon, Susan Gardner, and Maria Teresa De La Garza.  While focusing on Canada, Mexico, and the United States, the organization sponsors a biennial conference which draws participants who are interested in philosophy and children and creative pedagogy from all over the globe.  Visit the links above for more information.


Analytic Philosophy and Philosophical Praxis has just published Issue #39.1. Now available at http://journal.viterbo.edu/index.php/atpp.

ICPIC continues to update its website.  Please visit this important global community dedicated to philosophical inquiry with children and join in a world-wide partnership.  The 2019 conference will be held in July in Bogota, Columbia.

Welcome to our website for the North American Community of Inquiry Organization.  Please send suggestions and information to me.
–Wendy C. Turgeon, webmaster
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