2018 Hotel information

Accommodations for the 2018 NAACI conference

The Hotel Loa, that is close the conference venue, has given a special rate for the conference. If you would like to reserve a room, we suggest that send an email to our wonderful Mexican NAACI co-director, Tere de la Garza at
garzacamino [at] gmail [dot] com.

She will send the names to the hotel Manager. You will pay when you get there. Please indicate day of arrival and departure. If it is a shared room, please include the name of partner.



Since they set the rate in pesos, the price in dollars may change a bit due to the changes in the exchange rate.

Single and double $935 Pesos/ $49.50 American dollars

Triple, $945 Pesos/ $50 American dollars

Breakfast is included as well as internet

The address is 4 Norte 1206 Centro , Puebla Centro, 72000 Puebla, Mexico