Analytic Teaching and Philosophical Praxis is pleased to announce publication of its newest issue.  The six articles that make up the current issue of volume 37 survey a range of issues, both practical and theoretical, germane to philosophy for children and the community of inquiry in particular.

The Effects of Participation in a P4C Program on Australian Elementary School Students 
Chadi Youssef, Marilyn Campbell, and Donna Tangen

Sharing Space with Other Animals: Early Childhood Education, Engaged Philosophical Inquiry, and Sustainability 
Margaret MacDonald and Warren Bowen

Philosophy, Pedagogy and Personal Identity: Listening to The Teachers in PFC 
Geoff Baker and Andy Fisher

Your Feelings Are Wrong 
Stephen Miller

Shared Autonomous Reasoning: Interpretations of Habermasian Discourse for The Community of Philosophical Inquiry 
Natalie M. Fletcher

Contextualizing Community of Inquiry as a Democratic Educational Environment within a Wider View of Other Progressive Educational Approaches 
Richard Morehouse


The journal can be directly accessed at the link below and a table of contents of the issue is provided above for your convenience.

Call For Papers

Call for papers on the theme Art, Creativity, and the Community of Inquiry

The journal of Analytic Teaching and Philosophical Praxis seeks article submissions that explore the link between art, creativity, and the community of inquiry (CI).

Some possible topics for consideration include, but are not limited to, the following:

· Is the community of inquiry a type of artistic performance?
· Is there a link between art, creativity and the community of inquiry?
· Can critical thinking be distinguished from creative thinking?
· What is the relationship between Dewey’s aesthetics and his view of education?
· Can the community of inquiry be used as a way to assess creativity?
· Teaching the history of art through Philosophy for Children.
· Examples of successful models/original artifacts used to introduce art and creativity in CI.
· Is artistic creativity a distinct type of intelligence?

Direct submissions to: Dr. Jason J. Howard, Editor, Analytic Teaching and Philosophical Praxis, Viterbo University, e-mail: jjhoward [at] viterbo [dot] edu.

Submissions should follow a standardized reference format (Chicago manual of style- format references as endnotes or APA or MLA). Articles should be approximately 4000-8000 words, e-mailed as a word document or RTF, and prepared for ‘blind-review’ (with author’s name and institutional affiliation appearing on a separate page).

The deadline for article submissions is January 23, 2017. Accepted articles should appear in Vol. 37 (Issue 2) of Analytic Teaching and Philosophical Praxis in late spring of 2017.

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