Past Conferences

Reviewing the past/looking towards the future

The 2018 conference was held in Mexico.  Visit the photo page for a quick overview of the theme and some pictures.

2016 Conference was held in Montclair University (New Jersey, USA) in June 2016. Visit the conference page for information about it.  Our next conference, in 2018, will be held in Mexico.

2014 Conference Schedule
Videos from the conference were uploaded.  Thank you to the organizing committee for doing this!
Photo Page from NAACI 2014 on Facebook.

2012 Conference:  held in Vancouver, Canada.

2010 Conference: held in Queretaro, Mexico

2008 conference:  held at Viterbo University, Wisconsin, USA

2008 NAACI conference Report and Directions for NAACI– by Mort Morehouse

2006 conference: held in June 2006 at the L’Universite de Laval, Quebec, Quebec, Canada

2004 conference: sponsored by CELAFIN, in Can Cristobal, Mexico

2002 conference: held at Montclair State University, New Jersey, USA

2000 conference: held in Vancouver, Canada

1998 conference-Viterbo University, La Crosse, Wisconsin

1996 conference- Western Carolina University

1994 conference – Austin, Texas (1st conference)


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